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How to Keep and Care for African Dwarf Frogs


African dwarf frog riding the bubbles in an aquarium

This is a site about African dwarf frogs and how to keep and care for them. It's intended for people who are new to the frog hobby (and perhaps to the aquatic pet hobbies in general).

African dwarf frogs are very easy pets to care for. Their needs are very simple. They're also popular pets for school classrooms because they're cute, easy to care for, and don't take up a lot of space. A lot of the feedback I receive about this site comes from schoolteachers.

Unfortunately, however, many people buy these frogs on impulse when they see them in pet shops without understanding how to care for them. Pet shop employees often tell customers that they can care for ADFs like they care for goldfish, which simply is not true.

African dwarf frogs are not fish. They are unique, fully-aquatic amphibians. Their care requirements are simple, but they are different from those of fish. Your frogs will die if you don't care for them properly.

This site is intended to help new frog keepers understand how to keep these unique, exotic pets properly. If you're new to the hobby and are planning or in the process of setting up your frogs' habitat, I suggest that you read the pages in this order:

  1. Basic Facts about African Dwarf Frogs
  2. Health and Safety Information
  3. Setting Up your African Dwarf Frog Habitat
  4. Maintaining Water Quality in your African Dwarf Frog Tank
  5. Water Filters and Filtration
  6. Lighting and Heating
  7. Using Live Plants in Your African Dwarf Frog Habitat
  8. Proper Feeding of African Dwarf Frogs

You may also want to order some books about African dwarf frog care. This site is just an introduction. You'll need to do some additional studying if you want to learn about things like breeding frogs or other advanced topics.

Finally, feel free to stop by and watch my frogs whenever you like using the "froggy cam," a video feed of an African dwarf frog habitat in my office.

I hope you find this site helpful, and I'm glad that you've chosen to learn more about properly caring for and keeping these unique pets. Your frogs may not tell you this, but they're very happy about that, too.


An African dwarf frog swimming in an aquarium and facing the camera. Two African dwarf frogs eating food pellets on the gravel floor of an aquarium Three African dwarf frogs loitering near an aquarium heater as if they are warming themselves. African dwarf frog swimming in a mass of bubbles in an aquarium. African dwarf frog with its head peeking out from an aquarium air stone. A hand holding an aquarium water testing reagent strip. African dwarf frog loitering near the intake screen of an aquarium filter. Three African dwarf frogs loitering behind a Go Pro action camera submerged in an aquarium.

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